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[H-Eredar-25-German] Little Toons is looking for capable healers and more!

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Hi everyone

Even though we are a German-speaking guild, I will continue in English to respect the forums standard language. We are though looking only for people who are capable of speaking German fluently.

Little Toons was formed by friends that have raided together (Pre-Cataclysm) in the past as Alerion. They decided to revive those times under a new name on EU-Eredar as a 10-man raid.

Therefore the same principle apply as they did in the past:

"Determination to kick ass with an experienced raid leadership."

Currently we are looking for following healers:

Heal or DD Schaman

Raiding Schedule

Sunday 17:00 (invite) - 22:00
Monday 18:30 (invite - 22:00

For more information, please visit our page at or leave a message directly here.

Ingame there are several players at your disposal for any questions you wish to ask:

Cetax, Dathari, Netjeri, Rouwen and


Little Toons
Posted Nov 27, 12 · OP
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Posted Nov 29, 12 · OP
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/push: LF a Schaman with DD-Spec or/and Heal-Spec
Posted Dec 18, 12 · OP