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(A) Knights of the Ancients lvl25 @Emerald Dream - need raidcaller + all classes

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KotA is a social raiding guild - a bit more relaxed than the average soc.rading guilds. :sick: We accomplished Dragon Soul (DS) 8/8 and even had 1. boss down on HC in Cata - now we have just started raiding in MV (no kill on the guardians yet)

We do not require our members to raid, but if you raid, you do it with us! We usually raid 2-3 nights per week, one of them is a progress raid.
We use Ventrilo during raids and expect our raiders to listen, but not to speak.
MoP brought on a weariness syndrome to some of our guildies - we lost our raidcaller (dps + heal) and also lost a tank and another raidleader want to step down.
For now we have 2 tanks and 3 healers raidready - and being a social raiding guild, we cannot depend on those 5 being online for all raid nights.
We are looking for a verbal, english talking raidcaller to join our guild - someone to work together with our "strategist" and tell the tanks when to swap, when the raid need to stack, when to spread out and so on. In addition we would love any healers, tanks and dps joining us - most raid nights we lack signups for the raid to get going.
Visit our web page for more info - you will have acsess to some parts of the forums as a vistor as well. :sick:

Posted Nov 26, 12 · OP
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You do not raid? No problem - casual players are welcomed as well. ... just want a home for your toons to be social and levling your panda - give us a try :sick:
Posted Dec 2, 12 · OP