The time has come. New adventures await, new treasures want to be found and we are looking for new people to share the excitement with. The Fifteenth Dusk [A] is recruiting again and you don't even have to leave your guild to join us.

The main advantages of our membership are:

- raiding the current end-game content

- a good pool of players with mature social behavior for random heroics/dungeons

- chance to take part in progress and casual raiding, we always strive for having both covered

- a chance to take part in both 10man and 25man raids

- raiding on various days that might suit you, we usually have quite heavy schedule with up to 5 raids per week that you can join. There is no required minimum or maximum times that you must join though so you are free to sign up as often as you want.

- there is no need to leave your guild to raid with the 15th Dusk and at the same time you can find some nice guilds associated with the 15th Dusk that are open to new members

- a chance to visit a forum to draw information from, to be a part of a bigger network of role-players and to contribute to the whole community

The 15th Dusk has been here for a few years now. We have successfully raided pre-WoTLK, up to the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. In WoTLK we have cleared the entire 10man content.We also cleared all Cataclysm content including all hard modes. We cleared most of the 25man content as well, although not in hard modes. Our raids have various style and requirements. Some of them require a voice chat, some of them not. We also organized quite a large number of succesful retro-raids.

If you are interested in becoming one of us, talk to one of our recruiters: Angthoron, Preia, Zarduis, Cahira, Theanoril, Gahiji, Cliarra, Elvalyn, Arrianna, Zaudru.

Or go to our website for more information or to apply for a membership: