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[A] <Autumn Sun> 10-man [2-night raiding, adult/mature team]

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Position is re-opened!


Why might you like Autumn Sun?

Mature Environment - During guild events or out in the world solo, our players keep the atmosphere friendly and relaxed. Good natured jokes and friendly pokes are definitely fine. Trade trolls not so much!

Invested Players - Some might call them obsessive, others passionate. The truth is most of our players have a deep interest in one or many areas of WoW. Lost on a quest? Trying to figure out a boss strategy? Looking for a craftable item? We have players that are happy to help. Just ask!

Casual and Raid Friendly - We understand not everyone has the time or wants to raid. Both play styles are welcome in Autumn Sun. For those that want to raid, Autumn Sun currently has a 10-man progression team: Team Haven. As we grow, additional teams may be in the works.

10-man Progression:
Tier 13 - 8/8 Heroic DS
Tier 14 - 6/6 Normal MV, 2/6 HoF

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30pm - 10:30pm CST

Our raiding schedule may seem reduced from many high-end progression guilds at only two nights a week for a total of six hours weekly, but we take those six hours very seriously. Many of our raiders are parents or just hard working people who can't dedicate more than two nights a week so we get as much accomplished in that time as we can.


We are currently recruiting:

Healer - Paladin, Druid, Monk preferred

Our healing team consists of a disc priest and resto shaman. Healer applicants must communicate well with fellow healers. While we do have a healing lead, we work more as a coordinated 3-man team. Applicants must know their class well and be willing to both take direction as well as offer up suggestions/discuss strats for healing specific encounters.

Applicants must:
1. Be 18+ years of age. No exceptions.
2. Maintain 85% attendance, more is strongly encouraged.
3. Have access to Mumble, the free VOIP service.
4. Have the self motivation to research gear upgrades, ability usage, raid encounters.
5. Give and receive constructive criticism on the spot to master new encounters.

Server: Whisperwind

General Guild Information:
Our loot system is a free-roll system with Main Spec getting priority over Off Spec.

Check us out and apply at:

Aeide (Guildmaster, Main Recruiter) for more info on RealID:
Kyzen (Officer, Healing Lead) via PM on PlusHeal or AutumnSun (both Enjin)
Or any officers in-game (Aeide, Kyzen, Calvo, Ceipher).
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Still looking for a healer to join this great group. Half the team has been together for nearly 2 years now. Friendly, fun team that enjoys progression raiding!
Posted Nov 15, 12 · OP