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[A] <The Spectres> 10m Saurfang, LF 1 x Heals for weekend raiding

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<The Spectres>, are recruiting 1 x heals, preferably with dps off spec for 10 man raiding on the Oceanic Realm of Saurfang (alliance).
Raid times are 7.30pm EST to 10.00pm EST Saturday and Sunday.

Mature, respectful guild, that likes to kill as many pixels as possible in a 5 hour raid week, while not taking itself too seriously.
The core of the team has raided together through out Cata, and raids are a low drama event.

Casuals also welcome.

Please pst Bronebeard (GM) in game for more information.
Posted Oct 21, 12 · OP
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Also can pst Verdana (Officer) if Bronebeard is not online.
Posted Oct 27, 12 · OP