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[H-PVP-EST] 25M, 9Hrs/week <Illumina> Shadowmoon

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Illumina of Shadowmoon
16/16 Reg(MV,HoF,ToES) 1/6H MV

You are:
• Geared appropriately for hard modes or at least only need a few pieces to be ready
• Knowledgeable when it comes to your class
• Have experience in current tier at least through normal HoF
• Excited about raiding MoP as part of an amazing 25 man raid team

We are:
• One of the oldest 25 main raiding guilds on the server
• Solid, stable and here to stay
• A fun-loving, friendly guild that likes to clear all content, including heroic - in our own time

And we want you!

Come join us for some great raiding experiences.
We have an immediate need for some additions to our amazing team.

Holy Paladin

DPS- all classes

Raid times – Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday - 7:30 pm to 11 pm

Please visit, to see what we're about. If you want to experience our raid environment please watch our Heroic Dogs video :sick: pst Failhoof, Katanasteel, Argia, Riszyn, or Redsexxyk in-game for more information or add me to chat on real id Argia#1205.
Posted Oct 15, 12 · OP · Last edited Dec 17, 12
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Looking for a holy pally since our amazing pally will be unable to raid due to scheduling conflicts with work. Also looking for some dps.

Please visit our website and have a laugh at our Heroic Dogs video.

If you're looking for some good times while still being serious enough to down content this is the guild for you!
Posted Dec 17, 12 · OP
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We could really use dps with strong healing o/s
Posted Dec 19, 12 · OP