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[H] Hexx 10 man raiding at Chamber of Aspects recruiting!

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Management: Kikurii (Kikurii#2898), Marok (Marok#2765), Krodin (Krodin#2888)
Realm: Chamber of Aspects-EU


We are not actively searching for any more members at the moment. However, regardless of our recruitment status, exceptional applications will always be considered.

Friday 20:15-23:30 CET
Sunday 20:00-23:00 CET
Tuesday 20:15-23:00 CET

What we want to do in Hexx is to raid progressively in a fun, relaxed, and mature environment, with a small group of people. Members of Hexx are adult players (most of us are in our late 20s/early 30s) who enjoy WoW for it's social qualities but who nonetheless would like to experience end-game PvE content.

In order to fulfil our vision we emphasise time management, teamwork and personal responsibility. Our members are expected to be humble social people with a relaxed yet professional attitude when it comes to raiding. We only take on players that fit our mentality on a social level and skill on a professional (raid) level. We aim to keep a good balance between real life obligations, friendship and progressive raiding.

Hexx was formed in Spring 2008 during TBC, with 10-player raiding in mind, due to the benefits of a more friendly and tight-knit social group. Going against the community's view at the time that 10-player raiding was a step, or a boost, to 25-player raiding, Hexx set out to make 10-player raiding a worthwhile goal in and of itself. This meant only Karazhan and Zul’Aman was available, where we achieved the 4-chest timed event and gathered 14 bears in total.

In WOTLK we were overjoyed to have the relatively niche 10-player approach to raiding widen into the mainstream, and completed all the hard modes except Lich King and RS. As the expansion came to a close, Hexx was ranked on’s 10-player strict ranking as 32nd in the world!

In Cataclysm Hexx chose to move realms to Chamber of Aspects-EU, a fab lively realm with a good Horde community, where we are today (formerly known as Hex on Nagrand-EU), and defeated all Cataclysm content. Four years on from when we started, we are now having a blast in Mists of Pandaria and looking for more to enjoy the ride with us!

If this introduction tickles your fancy your first step should be to head over to our website at and read our Guild Ethos where the guild is explained in detail. If you still believe Hexx is the right guild for you the next step is to place a written application on our website and we will take it from there (the whole application process is explained further on the site).

Any questions? Feel free to ask! You can either simply ask right here (we will check this thread regularly) or ask any one of us in-game. We're always willing to answer any questions you might have.

We're looking forward to any questions, comments and if it's a good match, applications.

Thanks for reading!
Posted Jan 28, 12 · OP · Last edited Sep 21, 13 by Kikurii
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Rogue position is now closed!

Fantabulous healers, look no further, step over to our forums and come read about Hexx :sick:

We are recruiting for one lucky healer to come join us in our raids! Don't have great gear or experience? No problem! We value class knowledge, personality, and commitment far more than your pretty loots :sick:
Posted Jun 2, 12 · OP
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We currently have a position open in the guild for 1 DPS from the following:
- Moonkin (with PvE Resto OS).
- Shadow Priest (with PvE Disc or Holy OS).
Posted Jul 5, 12 · OP
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Updated! We are looking for a Blood DK to join us into MoP :sick:
Posted Sep 1, 12 · OP
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After 2 months of closed recruitment, a space has opened up in the guild due to one of our healers leaving the raiding scene.

We are open for a healer from Monk, Druid, or Shaman classes. Come join the Hexx party!
Posted Nov 7, 12 · OP