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[H] Colour - Stormreaver EU - 25M - 3 Days

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Hello, PlusHeal readers.

International endgame guild Colour from Stormreaver (EU) realm is recruiting active players to make an impact in Mists of Pandaria! We strive to be one of the most progressive and innovative guilds on the server and aim for steady progress through the whole 25man content, including hard/heroic boss encounters.

We achieve our goals through professional and ambitious attitude but still regarding World of Warcraft as a way to spend quality time with friends in a friendly and supporting atmosphere. Our universal goal is to raid three times a week and still compete in progress with guilds that often raid even twice as much - so far, we have been quite successful.

Our current progress in Mist of Pandaria :
Final bosskill T14 13/16HC 25
Final bosskills T15 12/13HC 25
Current bosskills T16 12/14HC 25

Currently we are recruiting:
As of March 24h 2014

Recruitement open for every Healing spec with High focus on Holy Paladins and Mistweaver Monks

If you regard yourself as a mature-minded, active and committed player with the skill, will and enthusiasm to contribute to and raid in a well organised and exhilarating guild, please don't hesitate to contact us ingame or visit our website. Players who are experienced and ready to make an impact, and who regard themselves as the go-to-guys for the most challenging tasks and encounters, are the ones we are looking for.

The effort one puts on his/her written application is often directly equivalent to the effort we can expect from him/her in guild and raid environment. That is to say, you not only have to bedazzle us with a unique experience, skill and devotion for this game, but also to reflect these aspects in your written application.

What can you expect from us:
- 3 official raids per week (tue, thu, sun) 1845-2300 server time (+unofficial raids on offdays)
- alt raids on offdays
- progress through the 25man raid content including hard/heroic modes
- professional attitude towards raiding
- joyful and inspiring atmosphere and spirit on and off the raids
- competent and experienced leadership
- well organised and administrated guild
- mature and friendly guildmates
- average age 20+

Healer Specifics:
As this is a Healer oriented site, I want to expand a little on our healing squad. As healing role leader, I feel our healing team is one of the strongest points in our current raid setup. All of our healers know what they are doing and perform excellent, even if they do not follow the cookie cutter setups for their class, but because thats what they are most comfortable with. We are looking for healers to expand our squad, with the same attitude and skill as the people in our group we currently have.

What can you expect as a healer in Colour?:
- Solid Healing Assignments
- Clear planning of Raid-cooldowns
- Large healer contribution to progression tactics
- A team with (hopefully) the same mindset as you
- Not getting pushed into cookiecutter specs

Hopefully we have sparked an interest in our guild, hope to hear from you soon.


Contact information:

Contact: Sintriel, Derigel, Razohr or Ivira (current Healing Leader)
If people would like to contact me (Damsai) feel free to add me to battletag @ Damsai#2827 I'm capable of answering most questions as well.
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Yesterdays raid gave us a grip on Zon'ozz, a few tentacle adjustments and he should be history. We are still aiming to broaden our healing roster and look forward to receive applications for the upcoming reset.
Posted Jan 18, 12
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The announced DS nerfs took our motivation to a new level and we look forward to see some progress this reset. Do you share our taste for pre-nerf kills? Visit and make an application today!
Posted Jan 19, 12 · Last edited Jan 19, 12
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Updated the original post, to reflect our current healer needs.
Posted Jan 26, 12 · OP
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Updated as of 24/2/2012

Working on Spine HC, things seem to be going smooth, one plate per raid!

Starting to look into future expacs/raids
Posted Feb 24, 12 · OP
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Updated as of 15/3/2012

Killed Madness 25hc, content cleared. Still looking to bolster our healing roster with 1 or 2 healing priests going into MoP.
Posted Mar 15, 12 · OP
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Updated as of 10 - 4 - 2012

End of expansion slack has set in for some people and we can't have that. Were looking to recruit more healers still for DS hc farming and for MoP

Looking for
- Resto Druid x 1
- Disc Priest x 1
- Holy Priest x 1
Posted Apr 10, 12 · OP
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Updated as of 6-1-2013

Looking for more healers to contribute in our raids.
Posted Jan 6, 13 · OP
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Updated the post as of 11-6-2013

Looking for all healers to contribute, feel free to contact as well if you feel you are a promising player that hasn't been properly recognized.
Posted Jun 11, 13 · OP
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Colour is currently 12/14hc, and we're still looking to expand our healing squad. Holy Paladins and Mistweaver monks will be highly appreciated, but all classes will be considered.
Posted Mar 24, 14