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[H] <in Concordia> Turalyon-EU [3 day] 4/8 HC looking for healers/dps.

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- About us -
in Concordia has been around for nearly 4 years on the European PVE realm Turalyon,
raiding top 10man content without it becoming an big obligation.

We have a dedicated raiding team that aims to clear at a steady pace without hardcore raid hours and attendance requirements.

We raid 3 times a week namely wed, sun and mon from 20:00 - 24:00 server time.

Currently, we're looking to enhance our raiding pool with some healers. A priest is preferred, but any healing class will be considered carefully. Having a DPS oriented alternative spec is a bonus. If you are more dps oriented but feel you can use your healing spec and don't mind using it frequently, you are also free to apply.
We are also looking for an experienced DK and/or warlock.

What in Concordia has to offer you:
- Flasks and buff food are provided for all raids
- BoE drops available for mains/alts
- Random banter and a friendly environment
- Committed to raiding in a relaxed atmosphere
- Fun runs/alt raids and other random events on free nights during the week and weekends

What we expect from you:
- Good knowledge of your class
- Correctly enchanted/gemmed/reforged gear
- A mature and positive attitude
- Good sense of humor
- Your English is good enough for clear communication.
- Mumble voicecommunication installed and have a working microphone. We do not force you to talk, but in case of emergency we want to know when your cat catches fire so the rest of us can have a break while you're afk.

How to apply:

Check out our guild website:
There is a template which we like you to fill in. To gain access to the forums, you will first need to create an account and then contact an officer in game to validate it (in game mails work too if none are online).
Alternatively, you can mail your template to This e-mail address is checked daily by the officers.
Posted Mar 5, 12 · OP
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Posted Mar 7, 12
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Still looking for more players. Do not wait to contact us if you are interested!
Posted Mar 16, 12